This is a list of JTH's characters. 

JTH's Characters

Original Characters

Original Heroes

  1. The Ancient Leaders
    1. Josh the Hedgehog (JTH's fursona)
    2. Thomas the Echidna
    3. Jetris the Hedgehawk
    4. Louie the Fox
    5. Arthur the Hedgehog
    6. Jameskie the Hedgehog
  1. Yuki the Hedgecat
  2. Alice the Cat
  3. Sandy the Cat
  4. Jess the Hedgehog
  5. Rey the Hedgehog
  6. Jonathan the HedgeReploidFox
  7. Koji the Shock Fox-Bat
  8. Raven the Flamehog
  9. The 4 Ancienthogs
    1. Aero the Wind Ancienthog
    2. Pyro the Fire Ancienthog
    3. Aqua the Water Ancienthog
    4. Terra the Earth Ancienthog
  10. The 4 Royal Knights
    1. Diamond the Hedgehog
    2. Spade the Echidna
    3. Heart the Cat
    4. Clover the Bat
  11. Bluefire the Skunk-cat (resurrected version)
  12. Celestia the Hedgefox
  13. Solar the Hedgehog
  14. Lunar the Hedgehog
  15. Sarah the Echidna
  16. The Astral Guardians
    1. Aries the Astral Ram
    2. Taurus the Astral Bull
    3. Libra the Astral Balance
    4. Sagittarius the Astral Centaur
    5. Aquarius the Astral Water Bearer
    6. Pisces the Astral Coelacanth
    7. Virgo the Astral Femme
    8. Gemini the Astral Twin Zebra
    9. Leo the Astral Lion
    10. Taurus the Astral Bull
    11. Capricorn the Astral Goat
    12. Scorpio the Astral Scorpion
    13. Cancer the Astral Crab
  17. The Shining Mine Brothers
    1. Golver the Mineralhog
    2. Silvold the Mineralhog
  1. Leah the Hedgefox 
  2. Grace the Hedgecat
  3. The Elemental Skunks (JTH)
    1. Scorch the Skunk-cat (JTH)
    2. Aqua the Skunk (JTH)
    3. Synthesia the Skunk (JTH)
    4. Frost the Skunk-cat (JTH)
    5. Chronia the Skunk (JTH)
    6. Gaia the Skunk (JTH)
    7. Ergonia the Skunk (JTH)
    8. Gravia the Skunk (JTH)
    9. Feronia the Mineral Skunk (JTH)
    10. Arachnia the Skunk (JTH)
    11. Protonia the Skunk (JTH)
    12. Luminia the Skunk (JTH) 
    13. Aera the Skunk (JTH)
    14. Arcania the Skunk (JTH)
    15. Technia the Skunk (JTH)
    16. Necrotia the Skunk (JTH)
    17. Yamiphagia the Skunk (JTH)
    18. Lumberia the Skunk (JTH)
    19. Zoologia the Skunk (JTH)
    20. Lodestonia the Skunk (JTH)
    21. Toxinia the Skunk (JTH)
    22. Healie the Skunk (JTH)
    23. Blazeshock the Skunk (JTH) 
    24. Cosmia the Skunk (JTH)
    25. Telekesia the Skunk (JTH) 
    26. Geonia the Skunk (JTH)
    27. Musania the Skunk (JTH) 
    28. Dittia the Skunk (JTH) 
    29. Ai the Skunk (JTH)
  4. The Centrifugal Gang
    1. Cryofuge the Hedgebat
    2. Pyrofuge the Hedgebat
    3. Aerofuge the Hedgebat
    4. Hydrofuge the Hedgebat
    5. Electrofuge the Hedgebat

Original Villains

  1. Dr. EggRey
  2. Neo Rey the Dark Hedgehog
  3. Equera the Dark
  4. Skyflame the Hawk
  5. Reff the Ghosthog
  6. Magmalix the Koopa
  7. Electrobiolix the Protohog
  8. Platinum the Mineralhog
  9. Copper the Mineralhog
  10. Ultra Elemental-J Set
  11. Aeron the Hedgebat
  12. Neon the Hedgehog


Heroes' Gallery

Villains' Gallery


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