Jenna the Hedgehog
Jenna is the 2nd Ultimate Life Form and is Grace's big sister and Shadow's younger half-sister. She is known as Project: Mystery. She gets killed by Black Doom.


  • Gemidi the Hedgehog (Mother, deceased)
  • Kratos the Hedgehog (Father, deceased)
  • Emma the Hedgehog (Half-Sister, deceased)


  • Shadow the Hedgehog (Half-Brother)
  • Grace the Hedgehog (Younger Sister)
  • Lizzy the Hedgehog (Cousin)
  • Melinda Kimocomi (Best Friend unitl death)
  • Aster (Friend until death)
  • Richter (Friend until betrayed)
  • Connor Kimocomi
  • Mr. Kimocomi (Adopted Father until death)
  • Mrs. Kimocomi (Adopted Mother until death)


  • Luna the Hedgehog (Friendly Rival)


  • Black Doom
  • G.U.N.


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